Best authentic Puerto Rican restaurant
in Palm Beach County

Isla Del Coqui Restaurant

3092 Jog Road

Greenacres, FL 33467



Opening Hours

  • Tue - Sat 11 am - 6 pm
  • Sun - Mon Closed

Puerto Rican Restaurant in Palm Beach County


Are you craving spicy, authentic Puerto Rican food Then prepare your palates for a delightful feast at Isla Del Coqui Restaurant! Pop by our Hispanic food temple in Palm Beach County today

Provecho Amigos


Authentic Puerto Rican Eatery

Located in Palm Beach County, Isla Del Coqui Restaurant is a family-owned business specializing in Puerto Rican and Latin American cuisine. Before opening our doors in 2003, we started out as a food truck, eventually expanding to offer casual dining and catering services.

Staffed by the finest chefs, we pride ourselves on serving the most succulent dishes in town without compromising on taste and authenticity. Our culinary gurus prepare each meal with tremendous love, generosity, and a magical blend of high-quality ingredients.

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Serving you with imagination since 1999

Puerto Rican Restaurant Palm Beach County

Taste, indulge, repeat

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Pure Euphoria in Your Mouth

Isla Del Coqui Restaurant’s epicurean family food menu knows no limits… Every mouthful is inspired by the tastes and flavors found exclusively in the plazas and food trucks of Puerto Rico.

Whether you’re craving some sizzling roasted pork—aka Lechon Asado—for lunch or looking to savor a delicious Latin American pizza on-the-go, here you’ll find everything your heart desires at incredibly affordable prices.

We also sell an impressive assortment of delicious and traditional Hispanic delights, all frozen by the dozen. Empanadas, pasteles and more—you’ll be spoiled for choice… Get in touch with us for the prices

The ideal spot to savor the taste of Puerto Rico with your loved ones

Latin American Restaurant Palm Beach County

Why Choose Us

Incomparable Quality

We offer 100% authentic and high-quality dishes that exude the soul of our business

Peak Professionalism

Backed by years of experience, our veteran chefs are fully dedicated to serving you the crème de la crème.

A Welcoming Sanctuary

Our gastronomic oasis is a charming and family-friendly venue, perfect for indulging in an array of succulent delicacies.

A Heavenly Family Menu

We boast a crowd-pleasing menu that is sure to exceed your expectations.


Dining services from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm 

Carry Out Only from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm 

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